Friday, October 23, 2009

It’s Friday, let’s all do a fun dance!

While making my meal and shopping list on Monday morning, I came up with an idea to try with my homemade pizza. I make homemade pizza fairly often since it is both fun to make and my family likes it a lot. There are just times I like to change it up, and this is one of those times. I made my crust, which has already gone through changes over the years of being made over and over. In the last year or so of making my pizza crust, I started using whole wheat flour along with adding 2 tablespoons of flax seed. The best thing about using the bread machine is that other things can get done while it is mixing and rising. The topping on the pizza were cheddar and mozzarella. Then, I added partially cooked cut red potatoes, along with cut up fresh basil and spinach. For the final topping, I added freshly ground pepper and salsa seasoning. My whole idea in making the pizza this way is to try new and interesting ways to add more fresh vegetables to our daily diet.

Yesterday, I published 2 articles under my title of Madison Healthy Food Examiner. One was filled with a few of my own recipes for Apples, along with the great health benefits from them. The other is a cookbook review, and once you read the article you will want to run out to purchase this cookbook. I have made a number of the recipes and found them to be easy and great tasting. I know you all will read, “Brownies with butternut squash, I don’t think so”. I was so surprised to eat one and there was no taste of the butternut squash. So, check out those articles and please feel free to give me feedback I always enjoy it.

All we have been hearing so much in the news lately about H1N1, and if you have been affected by it in any way I am sorry to hear it. I want to share a product that I have been keeping very close at hand since all this started. This product is called Get Clean Germ Off disinfecting wipes from Shaklee. These wipes are shown to kill 99.9% of Salmonella, along with E. coli. Another thing is the Get Clean Germ Off wipes are conveniently packages in a container that can be carried with you. I have one under my kitchen sink for the counters; one is downstairs by the exercise equipment. Everyone is to wipe down the equipment when they are done with it to keep the bacteria down. I have started carrying one in my car in the seat next to me. I am just trying to be wise during this flu season, and that is why I wanted to share with product with you. If you go to my Shaklee website, and you will find more information on all the bacteria’s that these wipes and Basic G kills. If you would like to me to send you information just feel free to email me. I would be happy to get information for you.

The rest of my time lately when I am not studying that is, has been spent Fall cleaning through our house. We are going to send the stuff to auction in the next month, and get it out of our house once and for all. It is amazing to me how much stuff we collect without realizing what we are doing, and I truly want to work on stopping it. All the stuff isn’t going to make me any happier. The relationships with my family and friends are what bring true happiness.

I look forward to reading your comments, and I hope you enjoy your autumn weekend!

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