Saturday, September 12, 2009

It’s the Weekend

Weekends can be filled with fun activities, a lot of yard work or house cleaning or simply no activities at all. Yard work or house cleaning is really not fun, and most people feel having no activities on the schedule as boring as well. I feel a little different about no activities because that means I will most likely get to have time to read a book on my list for once. I want to throw the question out to all of my readers, and ask you. “What are your weekend plans?” I am always curious, how people spend their weekends.

Thursday afternoon, I was writing in my home office, and for some reason started to think about making bruschetta. Now, it could be that I have so many tomatoes and needed to figure out new ways to use them. I got online to find a recipe, which I was able to do rather quickly. Since I was in the writing zone, but still wanted to make time for my 30 minute run, I used my bread machine to make the fresh bread instead of driving to the local store! My bruschetta turned out so good that I had to take a photo to share with all of you. So, here it is and I hope it encourages everyone to think outside the box when thinking about dinner time tonight.

Otherwise, our weekend is very busy with activities. I will have to fit in my house cleaning sometime this weekend though, I am just wondering when! I published a few new articles and at least one of the articles I have shared is one of my old favorites. So, feel free to check it out at Madison Healthy Food Examiner, and always feel free to give your thoughts and feeling.

I will close for now and look forward to hearing from you all, my readers in the weeks to come. Have a wonderful weekend doing whatever you will be doing!

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