Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How hot can it get around here!

Do you think it is hot enough around here? I don’t remember summers being this warm when I was kid, and if it was warm I would just go lay on the lawn to watch the cloud pass by. As you can imagine our house did not have AC, it was the 70’s what more do I have to say that would explain it.

I finally solved my computer problems. Okay, it meant purchasing a new computer unfortunately, and recreating pretty much everything. I am back and fully up and running to blog often. I wanted to share that I just had a blog entry published as a guest blogger on Momwhoblog.com, and hope you enjoy the profile on another woman who blogs just like I do. Shannon lives in New Jersey, so we talked by phone for the interview, but it was so fun to get to know this amazingly busy mom.

I have started a little garden on my deck, which is thriving in this warm weather. Anyone who knows me is most likely wondering, why I am doing a container garden being that I live on five acres. The answer is Jazzy (my husband and my baby puppy) who would dig and eat the garden within minutes of being unattended outside. Okay, the other part is with just not having the time to weed a whole garden since, working to get my freelance writing career going this spring and summer. I will be posting photos of my deck garden in the next couple of days for all of you to see. I would like to give the credit for my garden this summer to my dear email colleague, Dena Bolton the Nashville Gardening Examiner and has her own blog called Dena’s Garden. If you have the time please take a read. You will for sure learn so much from her, she is amazing with garden information.

I have been going more ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ recipe along with starting to make changes to my own recipes as well. I have really started walking daily with my husband or at least 6 days out of the week along with my yoga routine. In the following weeks, I will be blogging more about the changes I am experiencing in myself.

Well, I will close for tonight and write more tomorrow! Have a wonderful night with your loved ones.

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