Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New Journey Has begun!

Today is a nice sunny day, but still lacking in warmth until later this afternoon. Last night, I played golf and it was actually warm out on the golf course.

Here, is a picture I took just a few days ago, I wanted to share them with all of my blog readers. These tulips are the same ones in my last blog entry. Enjoy!

I have become fascinated with a new show on Lifetime, that I happen to run across. This show is called ‘Cook Yourself Thin’, and these three ladies have written a cookbook by the same name. I ran across this book on Sunday at Target, and of course could not resist purchasing it for my ever growing cookbook collection. This growing collection has not ended with just cookbooks, but recipes from magazines as well as people who are willing to part with their family recipes. Anyway this has started me on a journey to experiment with some of my recipes to make them healthier. Yes, some of you may think that my family is tortured having to eat all these healthy meals. Yet, others may say they are blessed to have food cooked for them. Whichever, they will be eating what I cook for dinner or they will be finding another place to eat their meals. Tonight, my target was my famous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I have been making these since my children were just babies or at least that is what it feels like. They go way back, but my idea tonight was trying to give them a healthier twist. Here is a picture of the new cookies, and tomorrow I will share what my family really thinks of them. If they were a winner or not, and then I will share the recipe with all my readers at that time.

If any of you have recipes and would like to share them with all of us, please feel free to make a comment and share them.

Have a wonderful evening! I look forward to meeting you all back here tomorrow with another entry about my new journey.

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