Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day! A Walk in My Yard

The weather was not its warmest today, but after a long day sitting at the computer, I decided to walk around the yard. Both dogs were by my side the whole way, and as soon as I stopped to brush away the leaves from last fall, they sat down. I could not refuse running into the house to get my camera. Now, I am still learning how to take photos unlike my two children who have a natural talent from their father. I just wanted to share with you my walk around my yard with photos.

These tulips are coming up outside of the courtyard, which is right outside of the front door at my house.

These lilies are just breaking through the ground in the memory garden my children and I started when my first husband passed away. I felt that this would give them a way to purchase a gift for their Dad on his birthday and Father’s Day. We have enjoyed working on this little garden every year. The last few years, I have tried to plant things that will continue to come up.

Here these two Adirondack chairs sit waiting for my husband and I to bring out a glass of red wine to watch the sun set. These chairs are my favorite, and I have wanted a pair for a number of years. So, last year we purchased them unpainted and I was able to paint them my favorite color. Anyone who knows me understands my love for red, being the redhead that I am.

This is a photo I took last year of the memory garden. I hope it looks this good come about late June, or early July.

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Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Your memory garden is so touching! I've been gardening all weekend and know that getting your hands in the dirt is very therapeutic, as is seeing the results of your efforts. Thanks for your feedback on my blog ( I am also looking for Adirondack chairs and will be painting them boring old white. But will be putting them in my beautiful yard.

    Now I'm off to read some of your articles!

  2. I love your garden. My lilies are really coming up like crazy at the moment. Raining today, so I will probably stay inside and try to do some writing.