Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation, Good Food, & Beautiful Weather

Last weekend was a fun, exciting, memorable, and all together overwhelming. My daughter’s graduation went well, and you could not have asked for a more beautiful day from the weather man. But, I feel like it has taken me the last few days to get caught up with everything around here. Here are a few pictures we took after dinner on Saturday night while walking through UM campus.

Yesterday was another beautiful day; the temperature was 85 the last time I looked in the afternoon. Hopefully today will be much of the same. While writing yesterday I was not paying attention to the time at all. Finally, I realized it was 1:30 pm and that I should eat a little lunch even though I was not hungry. I went to the refrigerator to find mainly vegetables staring back at me. Here is what I came up with for lunch. The great thing about this recipe is it could be made for 1 person or more. I hope you give it a try; it was really light, fresh and tasty on a warm day. I don’t have a name for this dish yet, so if anyone has a good name I would be open to hear them. Down the road it may find its way into my cookbook.

Tomatoes (cut into small pieces)

English cucumber (Cut up in to small pieces)

Fresh Basil (chopped

Salt and pepper (to your taste)

Balsamic vinegar (to taste)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (small amount, maybe a tbsp. per serving)

Penney’s Cajun seasoning (to taste)

Parmesan Cheese (On top of finished salad)

This evening for dinner I tried another recipe from ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ recipe book called ‘Mediterranean chicken’ with only a few modifications. My family enjoyed it; I thought it was really good as well.

Keep checking back for more pictures from graduation, good fresh recipes and other fun things.

Have a Great Day!

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