Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Remains of the Day!

First full day of freelance writing and my head is spinning with information. I have signed on to write for another new website and I think this is going to be interesting and fun. I did an orientation call meeting today, which gave great information. But, still very overwhelming none the less. Check out some of my writing on to see what I am working on. I will work to keep you updated or join and follow me on twitter.

With Earth Day next week, we should all be thinking about how we can do our part for our environment. Remember simple things like taking cloth bags to the grocery store every week helps a great deal. Using cloth napkins every night or every other night will make such a different. Let’s face it cloth napkins make a meal feel like a special occasion. I have started using a cloth napkin even when I am alone in front of the TV.

I am so looking forward to sharing with all of you information with each and every blog post I do here. So, keep checking back every day. Who knows what I will be coming up with to share with all of you?

Have a wonderful, relaxing rest of your evening!
Your happy green yogi

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  1. I didn't realize you had this blog. Now I'm a follower. I'll also post a link to your Examiner site on my Dena's Place blog (go to: Hope you'll do the same for my Examiner site. I love your writing, by the way. Also, I am just really interested in the whole holistic healing/fitness thing. Not only am I against so many chemicals in the garden, I also think we put too many chemicals in our bodies. I'm looking forward to learning more from you.

    Well, I shall see you back on the Examiner!