Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

So, what did everyone find to do to celebrate Earth Day? It was a wonderfully sunny day, and I hope everyone was able to get outside at least for a short time today to enjoy! Today I published 3 new articles, which I’m very proud of. Just like I mentioned in my blog entry last night, I started my Spring cleaning today to celebrate Earth Day at our house. I was able to finish only my daughter’s room, but that felt so good. I plan to finish my home’s Spring cleaning in the next month. Yes, I said next month because I want to be honest that my writing must come first right now. I will get it done though because the mess is driving me crazy.

I wrote an article about 5 ways to make our homes healthier; take a few minutes to read it at Examiner. I just wrote another article about what should be in your alternative medicine cabinet. I have a few others you may find interesting as well, when you have a minute check them out at Alternative Medicine Examiner.
I have been working on a few different recipes and will be sharing them in the next few weeks or so with all of you.

Have a great evening!

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